Feel Great: It’s Your Decision! – Book Excerpt

Partially revealed book cover Feel Great: It's Your Decision!
Partially revealed book cover Feel Great: It's Your Decision!

Maybe you have come from the previous post about my book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision! How To Change Your Feelings By Deciding How YOU Like To Feel” or you just came from a different website.

It really does not matter. Most importantly, you are here now. As the book title already reveals, the book is all about feeling great and how to achieve it.

We make so many decisions every day, but we make not many decisions about how we like to feel. But you are not obliged to feel as you feel moment by moment.

You are able to change your feelings using your decision-making ability. The book describes an easy process of how to change your feelings by deciding how you like to feel. It is easy, yet, it is not simple all the time.

You are more powerful than you might believe, but you have to find out for yourself to know it. It is YOUR DECISION that counts. Every Moment!

Book Excerpt Content

Above is what the book is about. The excerpt includes the full table of content, the introduction chapter and the full chapter “All Is Energy”. It is a bit more than you get to see from the book at any online store.

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Okay, now it’s time to reveal the link where you could get the book excerpt. It’s on one of my other websites. Receive a Free Book-Excerpt here… or read this blog post if you want to know where to get the book…