Where to get the book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision”?

On Sale: Feel Great: It's Your Decision! Book Images for e-book, print-book and audiobook.
On Sale: Feel Great: It's Your Decision! Book Images for e-book, print-book and audiobook.

If you received the book excerpt by being on my mailing list, you already know where to get the full book. Even though I just listed a few sources in the excerpt where you could purchase the book online.

Though, where to get the book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision”? Truth is, you could buy the book in your local book store if you like. Just hand them the ISBN of your preferred book format, and they will order it for you.

You are wondering what the book is about? Well, it’s about Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!

Oh, the ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. When I was writing the book, I learned so much about all the things around publishing a book.

In case you may ever write a book, you should get an ISBN for it. The ISBN is unique to the book and the format you have chosen. Thus, the ISBN is different for each format of the same book title.

Though an e-book, a print-book and an audiobook each have their own ISBN. Awesome, that is. Why? Because this way, you just need the ISBN of the book format you prefer, and you are ready to order the book.

BTW, if you add another language of a book, it adds to more unique ISBNs.

Where to get the book?

But enough of the administration burdens of publishing a book. It’s always fun to learn something new. How about re-learning to feel great?

Imagine always being able to change your feelings to the good at your will. Sounds impossible? Well, it shouldn’t, because it is your decision to feel great. Any moment!

That’s what the book helps you to achieve. And it is all your decision. How simple is it to decide to feel great? It’s simple and fast. Feel Great: It’s Your Decision! Where to get the book?

LanguageBook FormatISBNBuy at…
Englishe-book9783754304563BoD, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Rakuten kobo, Lehmanns, and more.
EnglishPaperback9783754305270BoD, Amazon.com,  Amazon.de, Lehmanns, can’t list them all here 😉
Englishaudio book9781667048437Audible.com, GooglePlay, Rakuten kobo, Audiobooks.com, as well as other places.
Germane-book9783754305782BoD, Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Lehmanns, and many more.
GermanPaperback9783754313466BoD, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Lehmannskobo, and others.
Spanishe-book9783754357606BoD, GooglePlay, Lehmanns, amazon.com, kobo, and others.
SpanishPaperback9783754375136BoD, amazon.com,

With the list above, you know now where to get the book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision”? As mentioned above, these are just a few of the options where you could find my book.

And if you like to leave a review of the book, I highly appreciate that you take the time to do so.

Last but not least, if you buy the book anywhere on the web or in any local book store, I will earn some royalties. But, I guess, you knew that.