I’m Stephan Szugat …

… a writer, coach, teacher, student, accountant as well as server administrator, and more. But most importantly, I am a happy human being helping others to be happy too.

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My mission

Helping as many people as possible to experience their true power. Additionally, providing my knowledge and experience to others to help them growth their businesses and unfold the life they like to live.

Following my mission, I do my best to keep things simple and practical, as I like things to be effective and efficient. Thus, I bring things to the point quickly.

This page is about my person and the books I published. If you are interested in working with me, you need to check out my other websites:

S2 Executive Coaching for 1-on-1 coaching of business owners and managers of manufacturing businesses about increasing profitability and cash-flow.

selfcoaching365.com for self-coaching courses as well as group coaching events around business and personal growth. And events related to my published books.

abenetis.com if you are looking for business tips and offers around business management and operation. This is merely a blog with things I do in my business or things I find helpful in business operation.


  • Books
  • Courses
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  • Personal Growth (Happiness)
  • Business Growth (Be Focused)
  • Wealth Building (Enjoy Life)


Writer, Coach, and more — 2018-until today

Providing my best in all areas, as I like to learn new things and apply them immediately. Coaching enables me to see progress in the other person directly. Writing and all the other things I do provide me the opportunities to live my diverse abilities.

Interim-Manager for Finance & Accounting — 2005-2018

Optimization of accounting workflow as well as of Controlling tools. Held positions as Group Controller and CFO of small companies. Most experience about manufacturing businesses.

Freelance Business-Accountant — 1999-2005

Had done all the work every accountant has to do. Learned how to consolidate company groups and so much more. Got more insights into various industries.


  • First Book Published: “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision” — 2021
  • Business Coach (IHK) — 2018
  • Certified Management Accountant (Bilanzbuchhalter (IHK)) — 1997

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein