Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!

Feel Great: It's Your Decision! Book Images for e-book, print-book and audiobook.
Feel Great: It's Your Decision! Book Images for e-book, print-book and audiobook.

How To Change Your Feelings By Deciding How YOU Like To Feel

Even if you might not believe it right away, but it is your decision to feel great. Who else could make that decision for you? No one, to be honest.

And guess what, the more you feel great, the better your life may get. I couldn’t promise that to you. You could find out for yourself.

My book is all about what you could do to feel great. Especially about how to make that decision again and again. It is actually easy. Yet, it takes practice and persistence to see the impact on yourself and your life.

When I started writing the book, I had no idea about the title. After having the first draft done, I read the book several times and asked myself what is mentioned most of the time.

It was all about feelings and decisions. Of course, not only good feelings. However, even bad feelings are a decision at the end. You decide to have them.

We decide so many things every day. Unfortunately, most of us do not take the time to decide about how to feel. Allowing your feelings to play out as they want may also not be great.

Therefore, we all created the habit of suppressing or escaping our feelings. That’s one option. Maybe not a wise one. On the other hand, we could decide how to feel.

Our feelings are not written in stone. We could change them at will. Sometimes we need more will and sometimes less. To get more practice about changing your feelings at will, the book includes some exercises.

You could change your feelings, but you alone could do it. No one else could do that for you. It is impossible to change someone else’s feelings. Even if you try all you could, the other one could still feel miserable.

Why not start with yourself? Start to Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!

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